Home Grown Kindness

Homegrown Kindness Project

Do Something Kind for Someone Else

Lindsay Van Zant

In early 2018, we lost our dear friend Lindsay Michelle VanZant. Lindsay was LOVED by everyone who knew her. She was beautiful and had a wonderfully kind and generous soul. She loved to volunteer and help others especially animals. She was always doing something for someone in need. At Lindsay’s memorial, Pastor Mike shared with everyone Lindsay’s last request. Lindsay asked for everyone who loved her to use that love doing something kind for others instead of mourning her loss. Her friends and family took Lindsay’s request to heart and began The Homegrown Kindness Project.

Lindsay, this is for you…

The Homegrown Kindness Project is a new initiative of St. Michael’s Soldiers, providing random and planned acts of kindness to our First Responders, their families, our area’s injured veterans, and those who need a little kindness in their lives.

Please help us to help others. Your donations allow us to put a smile on someone else’s face.

Thank You!!