St. Michael's Soldiers Serving the Deployed Men and Women of Our United State Military St. Michael's Soldiers

A Few Hours of Your Time, or Your Donation,
Can Make a Big Difference!

Consider helping St. Michael's Soldiers provide the thanks that our service men and women deserve.

You can volunteer. St. Michael's Soldiers is 100% completely comprised of volunteers. You can assist with packing boxes during donation drives, sorting donations, fund raising, running errands, and developing new contacts. The list of things to do keeps growing! You can donate. Both financial and material donations are needed to support our deployed, returning, and local wounded troops.

You can plan a donation drive. Schools, businesses, neighborhoods, social and civic groups, churches, bible study groups, and scout troops can hold donation drives. St. Michael's Soldiers will provide you with all of the information and supplies that you need to hold a donation drive.

Schedule an "Adopt a Box For Shipping" event. You pick the date and we'll show up with "Home Sweet Home" boxes filled for our troops that your school, business, neighborhood, social or civic group, church, bible study group, or scout troop can adopt. The adoption fee per box is $20 to cover the cost of packaging and shipping. Each adaptor is given a special note card to address to the service member receiving package and we do the rest.

"Christmas is a time for celebration and being thankful, and that is sometimes forgotten when you are away from the ones you love. But to receive a care package in the mail with needed items and a hand-written card, reminds us that there are people back home that are supportive of the sacrifices we make day in and day out."
LCOL Greg Beaulieu, USMC

Items That Our Deployed Service Men and Women Request Most

PLEASE!! No chocolate (it melts and makes a mess!), and NO PORNOGRAPHY!

Drinks Food, continued Fun Stuff, continued Health & Hygiene, continued Miscellaneous, continued
Capri Sun Nuts Travel Size Games Shaving Cream Can Opener
Country Time Lemonade Peanut Butter Card Games Foot Powder Boot Socks (white, gray, green or black only with thick soles - can be found at Wal-Mart)
Gatorade Packets Popcorn Comic Books Anti Fungal Ankle Socks (white, black, tan)
Lipton Tea Mixes Pop Tarts Electronic Games Body Powder Bug Spray
Flavored Coffee &
Pretzels Holiday Decorations Hand Sanitizer Gloves
Flavored Drinks Mixes Protein Bars Hair Brush / Comb Gum
Hot Chocolate Protein Snacks Playing Cards Kleenex Laundry Detergent
Hot Cider Power Bars Poker Chips Mouthwash Dryer Sheets
Flavored Creamers Cereal Bars Word Puzzles Neosporin / Bacitracin Journal
  Trail Mix Footballs Q-tips Pens
Food Ramen Noodles Nerf Balls Bar Soap Plastic Utensils
Beef Jerky Microwavable Soups Soccer Balls Shampoo / Conditioner Reusable Microwave Containers
Beef Sausage (no pork or
pork by-products)
Miicrowavable Single meals Trivial Pursuit (cards only) Thera-Flu Straws in Plastic Wrappers
Candy - All Kinds, but
No Chocolate; It Melts!
Tootsie Rolls O.K
Chef Boyardee Disposable Cameras Cold & Flu Liquid Packs Napkins
Canned Meats (No pork or
pork by-products)
Hamburger Helper singles Silly Putty Throat Lozenges Stationery
Canned Cheese Easy Mac Wooden & Styrofoam Airplanes Vitamin C Drops Envelopes
Canned Chips Single-Serve Brownie Bowls   Toilet Paper Stamps
Canned Fruit Chocolate & Lemon Microwave Cakes Health & Hygiene Toothbrushes Tan & Green T-Shirts (various sizes, mostly medium & large
Canned Salsa & Dips Instant Oatmeal Aspirin & Other Pain Relievers Toothpaste Fleece Blankets
Canned Tuna Sunflower Seeds Antacids Wet Wipes or Baby Wipes (many soldiers are without running water& use these for personal hygiene)
Chicken Snack Pack
with Crackers
Hard Candy (For Soldiers & Children Alka Seltzer Air Fresheners Beanie Babies (for soldiers & children
Cookies Tabasco Sauce Aspirin-regular &fun ones Lotion  
Combos Flavored Salt & Pepper Chapstick Hand & Foot Warmers PRAYERS!!!
    Cough Drops Heat Packs  
Granola Bars Fun Stuff Dental Floss Girly Stuff for our Female Service Members  
Hickory Farms
(No Refrigeration)
Books (new or used) Floss Picks Miscellaneous  
Little Debbie's Travel Size Games Disposable Razors Batteries